About Us

Paradise Consultancy Private Limited helps Indian students get access to the best study abroad opportunities. Founded in 2018 and about to finish 1 year in the business of International Education, the objective is to provide quality education in Kurukshetra. It is to think beyond business and help our students and client institutions achieve their goals and mission as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Paradise Consultancy represents several TOP RANKING Universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, USA, Canada and Germany.
We have a team of dedicated Education Consultants in Delhi, trained to help students pick universities suited to their academic aptitude, interest areas, budget, and country preference.While empowering our key stakeholders, we continue to empower ourselves.

Our Mission

Paradise Consultancy Private Limited Objective and Mission

• Provide efficient, transparent and authentic services to students.

• Help students make the best education decisions about their future depending on their interests, skills, and aptitude.

• Help students develop their own independent outlook and thinking.

Vision & Values

• To ensure that every student gets an opportunity to study abroad and realize his/her academic potential.

• No compromise on quality of International education counseling services.

• Sensitivity towards the concerns and apprehensions of each student with complete sincerity.

How Does Paradise Consultancy Private Limited Work?

At Paradose, we have created a work environment built on honesty, trust, respect, and transparent communication. We take pride in the fact that our colleagues, clients, and students have complete faith in our services.

We follow a very stringent selection procedure for hiring education consultants and counselors, to ensure that students get the finest advice and guidance.

Starting from college application to pre departure orientation, the education counselors are trained to help students at every step.